Joe GoldenMy friends call me Joe. Here on this site is my personal portfolio of graphic and media work. If you are searching for some assistance with print designs, logo designs, branding, advertising, web designs, or just need some creative input, contact me and I will be glad to lend a hand.

From 2004 to 2013 I was the executive and creative force for all the marketing and design needs at Accutek Packaging, a major US packaging equipment manufacturer. As Accutek's Marketing Director I was the general guru for anything marketing, media, or web related and acted as the in-house graphic/web designer, web master, trade show coordinator, photographer, and videographer/editor.

Additionally, I can offer a wealth of experience beyond generating media, in the areas of ad management, digital marketing, copy writing, SEO/web analytics, collateral management, event management, and brand development. I am a proven facilitator in bridging ideas and solutions between groups and individuals with opposing viewpoints. My colleagues know me as a clever dependable problem solver ready to jump into action. A regular mash up of Thomas Edison and John Rambo, just with less pyrotechnics. However, if a project needs a little extra pizazz, I could whip up an explosive finale. The digital kind of course.

In the beginning 2013 my family was need in the Detroit area and I parted ways with Accutek. So one fantastic month long adventure brought us back to motor city.

Now a new adventure awaits.


My long standing interest in art and design, backed by my degree, and combined with a talent for sales has resulted in a very rewarding career in marketing. I have successfully directed marketing for the ever expanding Accutek Companies for over eight years. Prior to Accutek I attended Platt College, San Diego, earning a degree in Multimedia Design.

Design Principals

I have always held to the principal that any design must be able to deliver its message before anything else. If a web site has broken links, content is inaccessible and useless. If a brochure is difficult to read or understand, it cannot communicate its message. Some designs can look like a million bucks, but if they only possess two cents of viable information its nothing but wasted time and money for everyone. The last thing any business wants to do is waste their money and the customer’s time. That is why I always put function and form before any type of decoration and design. I always try to make a design look like a million bucks, but I want to be 100% sure it will perform to that standard first.